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BAC Tourettes Hero Brewing in the Basement. Credit James Lyndsey

Welcome to Horizon

August 23rd, 11am (BST)

Join this lively panel discussion to find out about Horizon’s plans for this year, including the programme of tour-ready performance...

Artist Insight: Opera Helps / Joshua Sofaer

Recorded: August 23rd, 3pm (BST)

Join Joshua Sofaer (Artist) and Ilana Mitchell (Producer) in dialogue with Kate Craddock (GIFT/Horizon) for a dynamic conversation about the audience experience of Opera Helps, designed as an intimate and personal experience for one participant at a time.

In Conversation: Migrating Forms

Recorded: August 23rd, 6pm (BST)

Seeta Patel and Yinka Esi Graves explore the politics of migratory experiences and how those experiences influence artforms.

In Conversation: Radical access, making work messily, creating political change

Recorded: August 24th, 5pm (BST)

In a moment when ‘being accessible’ and ‘well-being’ are hot topics, are we on the edge of the gentrification of access?

Artist Insight / Olivia Furber & Ramzi Maqdisi

Recorded: August 25th, 11:15am (BST)

Join Olivia Furber and Ramzi Maqdisi, creators of The Land’s Heart is Greater than it’s Map for a post-show Q and A which will share insight into the artists behind the work and the story of it’s creation.

Residency Moment / Rachel Mars

Recorded: August 25th, 4pm (BST)

Rachel Mars and her creative team open up their residency space to talk about the practical findings, challenges and artistic and theoretical questions prompted by that day's exploration.

Residency Moment / PROJEKT EUROPA

Recorded: August 25pm, 6pm (BST)

LET YOUR HANDS SING IN THE SILENCE is a performance for one actor – and a community – to reconstruct their own personal history from memory.  

In Conversation: On Seeing, Feelings and Spectacle

Recorded: August 25th, 5pm (BST)

How does what we see become part of what we feel? What do we need to feel now, in this moment?

Artist Insight / Chinese Arts Now

Recorded: August 25th, 7.45pm - 8.30pm (BST)

A discussion about the creative process of the production and where it is positioned in the broader digital/arts world.

Artist Insight / Requardt & Rosenberg

Recorded: August 26th, 11.45am (BST)

Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg talk about the company and their working practices, as well as talk about how Future Cargo was conceived.

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