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In Conversation: Migrating Forms

Recorded: August 23rd, 6pm (BST)

Seeta Patel and Yinka Esi Graves explore the politics of migratory experiences and how those experiences influence artforms.

In Conversation: Radical access, making work messily, creating political change

Recorded: August 24th, 5pm (BST)

In a moment when ‘being accessible’ and ‘well-being’ are hot topics, are we on the edge of the gentrification of access?

In Conversation: On Seeing, Feelings and Spectacle

Recorded: August 25th, 5pm (BST)

How does what we see become part of what we feel? What do we need to feel now, in this moment?

In Conversation: Staging Heritage, Memory and Identity

Recorded: August 26th, 5pm (BST)

Do personal and political memories feed, shape and influence the ways in which we make and experience performance?

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