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Chloe, photo credit_ Ian Gallagher

Presentation: Every dollar is a soldier / With money you’re a dragon / Chinese Arts Now

Recorded during the Horizon Showcase

Mixing gaming and 3D technology, this experimental production fuses original music, virtual performances and a new script exploring the migrant experience.

BLKDOG on Demand / Botis Seva

until 30th September 2021

Vital and gripping, BLKDOG is Botis Seva’s haunting commentary on surviving adulthood as a childlike artist. A genre-defying blend of hip hop dance and free form antics, BLKDOG explores the inner battlefield of an ageing artist trying to retain his youth.

Brownton Abbey. Photo by Matthew Arthur Williams

Brownton Abbey: Talk Show on Demand / Brownton Abbey

Until 30th September 2021

The latest creation from Brownton Abbey, your Afro-Futurist performance collective centring and celebrating disabled queer people of colour.

Olivia Furber & Ramzi Maqdisi, The Land's Heart. Photo by Hadeel Sameera

The Land’s Heart is Greater than its Map – on Demand / Olivia Furber & Ramzi Maqdisi

until 30th September 2021

An alternative guided tour of the only city that exists twice, once on earth and once in heaven.

Future Cargo 2021. photo by Camilla Greenwell

Future Cargo on Demand / Requardt & Rosenberg

until 30th September 2021

Future Cargo combines large-scale spectacle with surprising intimacy in this sci-fi dance phenomenon.

mandla rae, as british as a watermelon

as british as a watermelon – on Demand / mandla rae

until 30th September 2021

Writer and performer mandla rae has a selective memory and is scrambling to piece together a life mostly forgotten in the name of survival.

Seeta Patel. The Rite of Spring. Photo by Foteini

The Rite of Spring on Demand / Seeta Patel

until 30th September 2021

Discover a transformative re-telling of this pagan folk story through intricate rhythmic footwork, expressive prowess, geometric and dynamic movements.

Screensaver, Janine Harrington, Photo by Roswitha Chesher

Screensaver Series on Demand / Janine Harrington

until 30th September 2021

Screensaver Series is a hypnotic, kaleidoscopic dance and sound work that references the continual morphing of screensaver programs.

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