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Horizon Radio is a series of recorded discussions between artists in the 2022 programme, curated by Horizon consortium members Kate Craddock (Festival Director, GIFT) and Kate Yedigaroff (Co-Director, MAYK).

The series offers you a deeper insight into the artist’s practice, so you can get to know them better. Each recording is around 20 minutes long.┬áJust click on the recording you wish to listen to and you will be automatically redirected.

To listen on your phone or tablet, you will need to download the free SoundCloud app.

We hope you enjoy listening.

Episode 1: Bodies in space
Dan Daw, Eve Stainton and Jaz Woodcock-Stewart discuss bodies and their relationship to space, hosted by Kate Craddock. Download Transcript

Episode 2: Climate
Aidan Moesby speaks to Kate Yedigaroff about the impact of climate change on his work and practice. Download Transcript.

Episode 3: Representation of Female Bodies
Abbi Greenland and Beckie Wilkie from RashDash and Sung Im Her discuss the representation of female bodies in their work, co-hosted by Kate Craddock and Kate Yedigaroff. Download Transcript.

Episode 4: Grief and Belonging
Sonia Hughes and the vacuum cleaner discuss grief and belonging, hosted by Dr Natasha Davis. Download Transcript.

Episode 5: Co-Creation
Mariyah Kayat, Producer of Speakers Corner and Casper Ahmed, writer and performer discuss the making of Peaceaphobia. Hosted by co-creation specialist Andrew Westle. Download Transcript.

Episode 6: International Working
Malik Nashad Sharpe, creator of He’s Dead, discusses their practice and international working, hosted by Paul Russ.
Download Transcript