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We will take a care centred approach.

Our priority is to create a space where everyone can bring their full selves, and feel comfortable and able to ask for any support we are not already offering. 

We consider access to be wide ranging and understand many different people will have many different needs – we remain open to all.

The focus of these commitments is to meet the needs of those who identify as disabled/deaf /neurodivergent / with a long term health issue or who experience energy limiting chronic illness* 

*NB we are aware that language is in flux and many different people choose to use many different terms. We are open to reflecting terms you wish to use.

Our Commitments

  • We will always meet access requests with kindness and care, responding to individual needs to the best standards we are able to 
  • We actively encourage dialogue around specific access requests, we receive access riders positively and where possible will offer support in creating them
  • Our website and online communications will meet AA standard in this pilot year, with a longer term aspiration to reach AAA standard in future years and after evaluation of our activity this summer. 
  • All social media posts will follow best practice guidelines for accessibility.
  • Large Print & Easy Read Descriptions will be made available for all presentations. 
  • We will follow best practice guidelines for all communications (eg, minimum font size 12)
  • All presentations and residency conversations will be captioned.
  • All presentations will offer audio descriptions for at least 1 showing
  • Each presentation that uses spoken English will have at least 1 showing which is translated to British Sign Language. We recognise that as a global showcase there are many Sign Languages used internationally. As a showcase funded by Arts Council England we have prioritised British Sign Language but continue to work with our audiences and delegates to identify and wherever possible meet access needs.
  • All  presentations will have Pre-show information (content notes) and Visual Stories. Other useful information about what to expect will be made available in advance for anyone who requests it.
  • Any in-person events with audiences will follow the Relaxed format. *
  • Any in-person events with audiences will be in physically accessible spaces, with accessible toilets on site and clear information about range of seating options available.

*Relaxed performances welcome people who find it difficult to follow the rules for how audiences behave. In our relaxed performances we provide information about what to expect from the show, including what a relaxed performance involves. We make an announcement at the start of the show inviting audiences to move, make noise and come and go as they need to. Staff take an inclusive approach from start to finish and we try to provide a chill out space where people can take time out if they need to.