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Sustainable Showcasing

We are committed to exploring what a lower carbon international showcase can look like and represent in the future, and to cultivating more environmentally and sustainable ways of showcasing and touring international performance.

Climate Justice

Over the lifespan of the showcase, we are particularly committed to taking a climate justice focused stance to the development of the showcase across all its functions.  We are committed to exploring and presenting climate justice focused programming, including prioritising performance works that amplify the ways in which the effects of climate change disproportionately effect people from more marginalised positions. 

We are committed to ensuring that our environmental commitments align and intersect with our commitments to inclusion, diversity and access.

Our carbon management plan

Trees for Life

To help mitigate the environmental impact of our work, we have created a Trees for Life page. Every tree donated is carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands.

Donate a tree