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Sustainable Showcasing

We are committed to exploring what a lower carbon international showcase can look like and represent in the future, and to cultivating more environmentally and sustainable ways of showcasing and touring international performance. In our pilot year, we are delivering the showcase online, therefore we are not encouraging international delegates to travel in order to participate. This will offer us a blueprint for developing a more sustainable international delegate experience to build on in future years.

Climate Justice

Over the lifespan of the showcase, we are particularly committed to taking a climate justice focused stance to the development of the showcase across all its functions.  We are committed to exploring and presenting climate justice focused programming, including prioritising performance works that amplify the ways in which the effects of climate change disproportionately effect people from more marginalised positions. 

We are committed to ensuring that our environmental commitments align and intersect with our commitments to inclusion, diversity and access.

Our baseline commitments

  • We will encourage ‘slow’ and sustainable travel for all artists, collaborators and audiences 
  • We will ensure that all venues we work with have an environmental sustainability policy in place 
  • We will minimise delegate invitations that require plane travel, and ensure that we work strategically with partners to minimise multiple travel of delegates from the same country/region. We will ensure a robust digital offer to the showcase to further minimise international travel
  • We will prioritise supporting onward touring that cultivates slow travel and minimises footprint where possible.
  • We will create an offsetting strategy for the carbon emissions from the showcase to reduce our impact. We will make support available to support touring companies to create their own offsetting strategies
  • We will not encourage printing emails, contracts, technical riders or any other documents 
  • We will only provide food and perishable drinks in reasonable quantities, and which is vegetarian, sustainably sourced, with minimal disposable packaging. We will use only reusable/washable service ware
  • We will ensure venues have access to bulk water dispensers and we will not provide or encourage use of single use plastic bottles
  • We will ensure hotels and accommodation are as close to venues as possible, and will give preference to hotels with any environmental credentials (such as the Green Key eco-label or the EU Ecolabel for Tourist Accommodations)
  • We will print marketing materials on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and reduce the amount of print marketing we do
  • We will aim to discourage rebuilding of sets and encourage multiple use of production props and materials wherever possible.