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With a focus on forging new relationships between artists making work in England and international partners, the 2021 showcase includes streamed live theatre, dance and live art performances, digital works and other events for audiences around the world. Our international colleagues will be supported to engage with the performances virtually.

Moving forward from a year of mass cancellations, drastically reduced opportunities, and with creative freelancers

now facing more restrictive and costly regulations for touring work, Horizon marks the development of a thrilling new collaborative model. Responding to the need for different and more flexible ways of thinking, the consortium has placed care, innovation, and environmental sustainability and accessibility at the heart of the showcase.

The consortium partners are working with several established independent artists to help shape the showcase, including Project O (Alexandrina Hemsley, Jamila Johnson- Small),

Javaad Alipoor, Kirsty Housley, Sonia Hughes and Renny O’Shea. Associate partners reflecting different specialisms and art form focuses have also had input into the process, including Akademi, ATC, Bush Theatre, Circus City, The Cocoa Butter Club and Unlimited.

To read more about our approach, download our working culture ‘live document’ .

Download live document

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Horizon Team

Grace Okereke

Senior Producer

Jodie Noble

Programme Producer

Miriam Attwood

Storytelling PR

Pam Jarvis


Samina Zahir


Jason Crouch

Digital Producer

Catalina Velasquez Gonzalez

Brand Designer

Richard Statham

Production Manager