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Residency 2023 Artists

Gareth Chambers / The Cult of POPPERFACE


In The Cult of POPPERFACE, the shadow-self or alter ego of artist Gareth Chambers invites audiences to bear witness to...

Jo Hellier and Yas Clarke / Bog


Bog is a new choreographic performance with a live vocal score, directed by Jo Hellier and composed by Yas Clarke....

Rachael Clerke / Balancing Acts


Balancing Acts is an absurd, desperate, multitasking, celebratory and damning physical performance about precarity. It is also a published score,...

Rhiannon Armstrong / The White Noise Factory


Rhiannon Armstrong is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist making works with empathy, interaction, and dialogue at their core, often for unfiltered...

Takeshi Matsumoto / Club Ninja


This residency explores the figure of the ninja, reimagined through light and shadow play in a participatory dance performance for...

Vicki Dela Amedume / COMMON GROUND


Framed as a good night out, COMMON GROUND will be a playful exploration of power, competition, and the limits of...