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Vicki Dela Amedume



Framed as a good night out, COMMON GROUND will be a playful exploration of power, competition, and the limits of shared experience. Inviting the audience to choose the winner of a coveted singular prize – to be the ‘New Face of Circus’ – a dynamic cast of five performers, all from the Global Majority, play along. As the game progresses, we discover more about their individual and shared experiences, seeing connection and conflict as they begin to question ‘the game’.

This tongue-in-cheek show aims to hold a mirror up to society and to the sector marrying tropes of ‘game show’ and ‘diversity initiative’ to explore how people – without even noticing – can become complicit in systems that can be flawed and unfair. It will challenge and entertain; making audiences laugh (when they are not sure they should), get up, get involved, think, and leave the performance with new perspectives.

Original Concept, Direction and Co-writer: Victoria Dela Amedume
Co-writer: Athena Kugblenu
Score: Olushola Ajose aka Afrikan Boy
Filmmaker: Dan Martin


Artist Information

Vicki Dela Amedume founded Upswing with her passion to create the extraordinary, sharing circus artistry with diverse audiences and creating/directing projects. Outside Upswing, she has worked on productions for National Theatre of Scotland, The RSC, The Royal Exchange, Kenny Wax Productions and the New Vic among others. She is Creative Director of Lewisham – Borough of Culture and Associate Director – New Vic Theatre.

Athena Kugblenu is one of those rare souls that can make you gasp, laugh out loud, and think about something on a deeper level all at the same time. Athena writes and performs comedy – touring as a stand-up on the UK circuit and at comedy festivals as well as now developing her work as a writer.

Upswing is a multi-award-winning UK based contemporary circus company that exists to entertain, inspire curiosity, share urgent ideas and tell new stories in extraordinary ways.

They are passionate about amplifying Black and Global Majority artists/communities, platforming and celebrating their creative talents and stories. They create non-traditional experiences touring to theatres and outdoor festivals and finding opportunities in non-traditional spaces from a library to the side of a 5-story building.

If you would like to get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager. Email:

In the darkness, a Black woman is suspended on a rope tied around her waist as she lies face up, arms and legs stretched out. A bright source of light peeks in from the top left corner and casts shadows on her body. Her head is tipped back, allowing her brown curly hair to fall down. She is wearing a white vest top and shorts. Her right arm grasps the end of the piece of rope.