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Gareth Chambers



In The Cult of POPPERFACE, the shadow-self or alter ego of artist Gareth Chambers invites audiences to bear witness to the real-time crafting of masculine mythologies through dance, mixed martial arts, and boxing practices.

Creative director: Gareth Chambers aka POPPERFACE
Performing Collaborators: Richard Pye and Joseph Grey Adams
Styling: Warren Leech
Sound Artist: Cathedral Hygiene

Artist Information

POPPERFACE (aka Gareth Chambers) transgresses traditional choreographic making methodologies to create performances based heavily in working class experience, queer masculinity, and libertarianism.

In 2021 he was the Associate Director for Welsh National Opera and a Jerwood Fellow. His work has been presented in Tel Aviv, Berlin, Melbourne, and Vienna. He is currently mentored by Scottish Opera director Sir David McVicar.

If you would like to get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager. Email:

A young white man visible from the waist up is dressed in a black suit, white shirt, and pale yellow tie. He is in motion, flinging his left arm upwards, bent at the elbow with his hand in a fist heavy, pointing downwards. His head is tippe dback, eyes closed, mouth open. The space is dark except the light shining on him and casting shadows on his face.