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Ray Young

Ray Young is an award-winning artist and writer based between Nottingham and London whose transdisciplinary practice exists on the boundaries of live art, text, movement, activism, and neurodiversity. Through celebrated works such as BODIES and THIRST TRAP, Ray holds space  at the intersection of multiple realities, championing and centring alternative narratives and forms.

Ray is also a recipient of the Jerwood Live Work Fund and the Eclipse Award, has been nominated for multiple Total Theatre awards, and named the British Council’s Artist to Watch.

Ray’s show BODIES was presented as part of the 2023 Horizon showcase.

Artist website: Ray Young

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Against a vibrant blue background a Black performer stands side-on facing the left. They wear their hair in vibrant orange twists. They are wearing a loose fitting striped pale blue long sleeved shirt and a navy waistcoat with a red flower in the breast pocket. Flowers and leaves appear to grow out of them and their clothing. Their head is tilted slightly upwards, looking on with a neutral expression. In the bottom half of the image we see an upside down rippled reflection, as if it's a reflection on the water's surface.
BODIES by Ray Young. Image courtesy of Ray Young and Layla Sailor.