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Katy Baird

Get Off


Katy Baird is an artist and producer of Live Art. She has performed at international festivals and venues throughout the UK and Europe as well as squat parties, clubs, and raves. Her work explores ideas around class, gender, and sexuality and can last anything between six minutes to six hours. Depending on the context, it can take the form of theatre, cabaret, film, installation, or participatory performance.

Katy’s favourite review of her work: “Sat there half drunk in the musty-dark theatre room of an Edinburgh Fringe art-show, watching someone piss in a wine glass then drink it, I can honestly say that… I’ve… never… felt… more… alive” – VICE

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About the show

Horizon supported Katy to develop Get Off via a 2-week residency in Halifax in 2021, and a residency at CAMPO, Belgium in 2023. Get Off is co-commissioned by Horizon consortium partners Transform and Battersea Arts Centre.

Join dedicated pleasure seeker and self-proclaimed hot-mess, Katy Baird as she fearlessly unveils her journey in search of the ultimate euphoric experience that unites us all.

Will the pulsating bass line of a nightclub offer the long-awaited high? Could spontaneous dancing at a house party ignite the euphoria she craves? Or perhaps, the ultimate ecstasy lies in the most unexpected of places.

With unwavering determination, Baird offers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the human desire for connection, exploring the depths of our desires and questioning the autonomy we have in choosing where we seek it.

Indulge your senses. Embrace the chaos. Discover the essence of shared euphoria. Welcome to Baird’s unfiltered odyssey — a performance that will captivate, challenge and ultimately bring us all closer together.

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