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Ray Young



Young and their collaborators transform a swimming pool into a unique immersive environment for BODIES. An interactive performance that explores the essential character of water, its universal presence, and the importance of collective action in achieving climate justice.

Guided by Young, we gather in the pool for a sensory experience – to float, discover, and move in synchronisation. Here, the dynamics of individual and collective energies play out as powerful forces of creation and renewal as well as destruction and devastation.

With our very existence threatened by climate emergency, BODIES holds space for us to navigate the entangled and complex relationship we have with the planet, and therefore the urgent responsibilities we have to each other.

If you would like to get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager. Email:

Against a vibrant blue background a Black performer stands side-on facing the left. They wear their hair in vibrant orange twists. They are wearing a loose fitting striped pale blue long sleeved shirt and a navy waistcoat with a red flower in the breast pocket. Flowers and leaves appear to grow out of them and their clothing. Their head is tilted slightly upwards, looking on with a neutral expression. In the bottom half of the image we see an upside down rippled reflection, as if it's a reflection on the water's surface.
BODIES by Ray Young. Image courtesy of Ray Young and Layla Sailor.