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LET YOUR HANDS SING IN THE SILENCE is a performance for one actor to recreate his own personal family tree from memory. The project is intended to be developed by embedding in theatres in different locations around the world, engaging with community groups in each place. The performer will use his own memories to conjure up several generations of his family, and where the performer’s own memories and stories falter, he will collaborate with non-professional performers who will create their own contributions. Eventually, the performer and the community members will have created an entirely new family tree, interweaving stories from the performer with those of the local community – collectively creating something communal out of what at first seems individual.

PROJEKT EUROPA is an international theatre company making radical, generous work by migrant theatre makers for local and global audiences. We are a female-led company dedicated to making theatre with an explicitly international perspective and exploring new, sustainable ways of collaborating across borders.
We work in three areas:
– large-scale co-productions by leading theatre makers created for international touring
– work on a smaller scale but with the same artistic ambitions that explores the boundaries between co-creation, participation and performance. This work is made by migrant theatre makers, developed in collaboration with local communities
– ‘theory and practice’ – hosting a group of established international theatre makers whose mission is to explore what international collaborations will look like in the future

Maria Aberg – Director
Robert Luckay – Performer
Judith Gerstenberg – Dramaturg
Ana Inés Jabares-Pita – Designer
Ayse Tashkiran – Movement Director
Malú Ansaldo – Producer

PROJEKT EUROPA Photo by Hanna Jedrosz. Copyright RSC
PROJEKT EUROPA Photo by Hanna Jedrosz. Copyright @ RSC