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Botis Seva



Vital and gripping, BLKDOG is Botis Seva’s haunting commentary on surviving adulthood as a childlike artist. A genre-defying blend of hip hop dance and free form antics, BLKDOG explores the inner battlefield of an ageing artist trying to retain his youth.

With a pounding, brooding score the music adds layers of meaning highlighting the inner working of the characters minds. The music has grown from a long-standing collaboration between Torben Lars Sylvest and includes a mixture of original music and words performed by Botis’ powerhouse company Far From The Norm and guests. Tom Visser’s lighting brings a dark smog of disillusion as the choreography delves into the underbelly of life, while the hooded caps and padded costumes by Ryan Laight echo the protection and comfort of childhood. BLKDOG searches for coping mechanisms in the ultimate hunt for acceptance.

Botis Seva is an Olivier award winning dance artist, choreographer and director working within the realms of hip hop, physical theatre, and contemporary dance. Botis’ distinct language has placed him at the forefront of Hip Hop dance theatre in the UK and internationally. Whilst his foundation is in choreography, Botis’ practice experiments with form, structure, and theatrics to continuously reinvent his approach to creativity, whether that is in live or digital performance. Borrowing techniques from film, text, art and other dance languages, Botis’ focus is on making a societal difference and using his autobiographical experiences to drive narratives.

Choreographer–Botis Seva

Creative Producer–Lee Griffiths

Music Composer–Torben Lars Sylvest

Lighting Designer–Tom Visser

Costume Designer–Ryan Dawson Laight

Production Manager-Andy Downie

Touring Production Manager &Relighter–Pete Maxey

Filmmaker – Ben Williams

Dancers–Victoria Shulungu, Naïma Souhaïr, Hayleigh Sellors, Jordan Douglas, Joshua Nash, Shangomola Edunjobi and Ezra Owen

Botis Seva - BLKDOG
Botis Seva, BLKDOG. Photo by Camilla Greewell

BLKDOG 2020 Trailer