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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit proposals for more than one project? Or apply for both the Presentation and Residency Strand for the same project? 

We are only able to accept one application from the same artist/company across the Horizon programmes.

Artists taking part as Artist Leads or in the Bursary programme cannot also apply to the Presentation & Residency Programmes.


How much money can I apply for?

For the Live Presentation ’23 Programme, there is no upper limit of what you can apply for. Horizon intends to cover artistic fees & the other costs involved in taking your work to Edinburgh. In your application, use the budget template to let us know what these are. Please refer to the Live Presentation Budget Guidance document for what eligible costs can be included.

For the Residency Programme, the maximum you can apply for is £5000 (excluding travel, accommodation, per diems, production, access or venue costs). Please refer to the Application & Budget  Guidance documents for more detail.


Some of my collaborators/ members of my company do not meet the eligibility criteria. Can I still apply? 

We understand that some of your collaborators or members of your creative team may not meet some (or all) of the eligibility criteria. In order to be eligible to apply, we do ask that the lead artist(s) meet the eligibility criteria. The lead artist/creative is defined as the person/people leading the project creatively.

Performance companies must be able to meet the criteria, even if individual members of the creative team do not.


I am usually based in England but am temporarily located somewhere else. Can I still apply?

If you consider yourself to be based in England but are temporarily based somewhere else (e.g. due to the pandemic or for other reasons) you can still apply.

In order to meet the eligibility, criteria, however, you must only be based somewhere else on a temporary basis and you must be able to demonstrate that you are ordinarily based in England, e.g. through a track record of receiving funding or other support in England or by having a registered address in England.


Can I apply if I am already applying to ACE for this project, would it be double funding?

If you have already applied for funding from Arts Council England for your project, you are still able to apply to Horizon, as participation in the showcase would be additional to the activity outlined in your application.

You could not, however, make a successful application to Horizon and then make a further ACE application using Horizon income as match funding, or to support the presentation of the same project as part of the Showcase as this would be ‘double funding’.

You could apply to ACE for onward touring or additional residency time beyond the Horizon showcase.


Who will be invited to see my work?

In addition to utilising the connections and relationships consortium members have with peers across the world, we will be sharing news of the programme far and wide, seeking to engage presenters from across the world, as well as here in the UK.

Once your work is selected, the Horizon team will work with you to identify presenters and countries where you wish to develop relationships.


What Can I Expect to Happen After Horizon?

We anticipate that through being in the showcase, you will secure future bookings and opportunities for your work in international contexts.

We will continue to be talk to presenters that have seen your work before and during the Horizon showcase. We know it is important not to rely on the single showcase moment, so will be nurturing long-term connections, with you and presenters to unlock opportunities.


What funding is available for onward International touring and opportunities

As a Horizon supported artist, you will be eligible to apply directly to Horizon for funds to support further international touring as and when opportunity arises in the lifespan of the project.  The 2 categories of support available to apply for are:

  • Mobilisation – low level support of up to £1000 to kickstart an international relationship
  • International Touring Support – of up to £5000 to activate an international tour, prioritising support for artists where more than one international tour date is confirmed

Can Horizon fund part of a longer Edinburgh run?

Horizon will fund an Edinburgh performance run of around 7 days (although in certain circumstances we may offer you a run of between 2 – and 14 days depending on the best context for the work or individual access requirements).  If you have other funding in place and want to perform for a longer run, Horizon will support a proportion of your total costs (based on actual costs for the Horizon period) and would also expect to retain the box office income for the Horizon period.   Please articulate this in your application form if you think this may apply to you.


Are you planning for all works to be live & in person? Do I need a Covid contingency?

At this time, along with colleagues in the Edinburgh Festivals, we are planning to present the Horizon programme live & in person in Edinburgh during August 2023. If, due to changing government guidance, it is not possible to do this, we would work with you to develop an alternative way to connect your works with international presenters.

These FAQs will be updated throughout the application period.