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Horizon will be running a series of Information events and workshops to help you to navigate the application process


Drop In Applicant Information Sessions (via Zoom)

Wednesday 6th July
Wednesday 14th September

12.30 – 1.30pm

Automatic closed captions will be available for all dates

These sessions will be informal, and the structure will be led by the participants and what questions you may have. You are welcome to drop in and out of the session at any point, but please be aware that if you arrive towards the end of the hour and there are others already waiting, there may not be enough time to respond to all your questions. Each session will be attended by a cross section of the Horizon curatorial and delivery team.

The session slots will focus on answering questions on either the Live Presentation or Residency Programme – please book your place on the appropriate session.

If you have an access requirements to allow you to attend and participate in the above Information sessions and workshops please email


One – to – One Information Sessions (Zoom)

If, for reasons of access, you would prefer to speak to the delivery team in a more focused environment, a limited number of 15 minute one to one advice sessions are available.

Please note, we will be able to advise on eligibility, the application process and details of the programmes but will not be able to offer curatorial advice beyond the published criteria.


To book a one to one, please email


Unexplored Horizons:  Global Majority artists who identify as ethnically diverse ( Via Zoom)

Dates / Times (To be announced)

This workshop is a closed session for ethnically diverse England-based artists  who are from the global majority who identify as Black, from the African Diaspora, Caribbean Diaspora, East Asian Diaspora, South East Asian diaspora, South Asian diaspora, West Asian and Middle East Diaspora, Latinx, Indigenous people and people whose identities may include any of the above

This will be a safe space to ask questions and delve into the application process and address any concerns or barriers that may put people off from taking up this opportunity. Together, we will discuss key parameters and opportunities for a clearer understanding of submitting an application with confidence. We will also explore the narrative of presenting work internationally, if you haven’t had much experience, and would like to expand your knowledge of an international marketplace.

Automated Closed Captions will be available.