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LET YOUR HANDS SING IN THE SILENCE is a performance for one actor – and a community – to reconstruct their own personal history from memory

How do we remember? What do we choose to forget? And to what extent do our memories determine who we are? 

Robert Lučkay was born in the Hungarian-speaking part of Slovakia in 1976. At least five generations of his family have lived in Kosiče and in the small, rural villages nearby. Over the course of almost ten hours of interviews, Maria Aberg maps his family tree and asks him to recreate what he remembers – and those he remembers – on stage.

Using Lučkay’s reconstructed memories as a scaffold, the project invites local migrant communities to share, develop and perform their own memories alongside his. Eventually, Lučkay and the community members will have created a new kind of family tree, interweaving their stories and collectively creating something communal out of what at first seems individual.

LET YOUR HANDS SING IN THE SILENCE will be developed in close collaboration with local communities in each location it visits, to create a different-but-similar performance wherever it goes. It is the first of several pieces by PROJEKT EUROPA that explore the boundaries between co-creation, participation and performance. 

LET YOUR HANDS SING IN THE SILENCE was developed with support from The Marlowe Theatre, ACE England and Farnham Maltings.


Maria Aberg – Director
Robert Luckay – Performer
Judith Gerstenberg – Dramaturg
Ana Inés Jabares-Pita – Designer
Ayse Tashkiran – Movement Director
Malú Ansaldo – Executive Producer

Artist website:

The Horizon team would like to thank BALTIC – Centre for Contemporary Art for their support and provision of space and resources in realising the PROJEKT EUROPA residency.

If you would like get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager.


PROJEKT EUROPA Photo by Hanna Jedrosz. Copyright RSC
PROJEKT EUROPA Photo by Hanna Jedrosz. Copyright @ RSC