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He's Dead


He’s Dead is a dark fantasy choreography asking the unanswerable question “Was Tupac depressed?”

This conceptual group work uses dance, live action and sound to unearth the unspoken dehumanisation of marginalised people and Black experience of mental health. Underscored by a pulsing, dominating soundscape, He’s Dead is a complex, powerful endeavour to shed tears for the things we cannot unearth.

Staged in 3 acts, He’s Dead interrogates the injustice experienced by those perceived as flawed; those denied sadness, denied acknowledgement and denied a voice.

“a confident, original, uncompromising, abstruse performance, unapologetic about taking up space with black and queer bodies”  The Guardian

Artist website: Marikiscrycrycry

If you would like get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager.


A non-binary person of the Global Majority, is standing close in frame, looking downwards to their right. They are wearing bold make-up, a black collar with white studs, silver hoop earrings and a feather trimmed coat, over a black crop top connected with safety pins and chains. They wear red and black fishnet gloves.
Marikiscrycrycry, He's Dead. Photo by Elise Rose