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JN Harrington

Screensaver Series


Screensaver Series is a hypnotic, kaleidoscopic dance and sound work that references the continual morphing of screensaver programs. This digital iteration combines perspectives from several camera angles to reflect the movements of audiences in live performance contexts.

Screensaver Series is a live kaleidoscopic dance and sound installation involving 5 dancers and sound coding by Jamie Forth. The dancer’s perpetual movement evokes the patterns and continuous activity of a screensaver, referencing images from the natural world, care-taking, metamorphosis. The work offers a meditative space and an alternative attentional contract of activity within inactivity, of hypnosis. Screensaver Series is inherently a relaxed performance set-up and welcomes multiple ways of experiencing the work, including moving around.

For Horizon, JN is presenting a digital iteration of the work, which was originally commissioned by Ravnedans and made in collaboration with East London Cable. The multiple audience perspectives that would usually be experienced in the live performance are reflected in multiple camera angles.

JN Harrington is a London-based artist whose practice includes writing, dance & choreography, design, film and public space projects. JN’s practice is underpinned by research focused on game structures, learning and access, play, attentional processes and neurodiversity.

JN’s recent works include: unfriending (2021) commissioned by London Contemporary Dance School, storage for future sunsets (2021) commissioned by Scottish Dance Theatre & V&A Dundee, good luck, dinosaur (2020, Fest en Fest), never closer to midnight (2019) commissioned by Reading University and Screensaver Series (2018, Dance Umbrella). In 2021/22 Satelliser: a dance for the gallery (2016/22 by Janine and coworkers) will be shown at Baltic Gateshead, Bluecoat Liverpool and Turner Contemporary Margate as part of CONTINUOUS Network.

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If you would like get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager.


Screensaver, Janine Harrington, Photo by Roswitha Chesher
Screensaver, Janine Harrington. Photo: Roswitha Chesher. Dancers: Vanessa Abreu, Iris Chan, Janine Harrington, Stephanie McMann, Louise Tanoto, Elisa Vassena