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Jaz Woodcock-Stewart with Morgann Runacre-Temple



A blazingly original, critically acclaimed arrangement of theatrical realism and contemporary dance excavating a day in the life of a woman following a tragic event. Civilisation is a meditation on grief, death and loss. Political in its portrait of a woman as unromantic and full of contradictions, it is an examination of the world around her which violently shapes her identity in profound and subtle ways. An attempt to explore and reconcile realism and expressionism, in order to try and understand the impossible large-ness and small-ness of life, to investigate the rituals of society, and the process of civilisation.

This bold, compelling show was created from a collaboration between director Jaz Woodcock-Stewart of award-winning Antler Theatre (Lands, Bush Theatre) and celebrated choreographer Morgann Runacre-Temple. In November 2021, Civilisation was awarded the Jury Award at Fast Forward Festival, European Festival for Young Stage Directors at Dresden Staatsschauspiel.

“Complex, raw and insensibly smart, I could watch it forever”
★★★★ Kate Wyver, The Guardian

Artist website: Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

If you would like get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager.


A white woman is leaping forwards with her left arm and leg stretched behind her, she wears a casual blue top and trousers. A man of the Global Majority holds onto her right forearm, crouching on his right knee. He wears a chequered shirt and white t-shirt. Behind them a woman of the Global Majority places her hand on his back, leaning towards them, she wears a casual lilac top and shorts. There is a red carpet beneath them and a lamp on behind them.