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Dan Daw Creative Projects

The Dan Daw Show


After having spent a lifetime being an inspiration to others, Dan Daw is finally seizing the moment to inspire himself.

Directed by Mark Maughan (The Claim, Petrification), Dan is taking ownership of the beautiful mess that encompasses all that he is, and lets go of who he once was to make room for who he wants to be.

Dan is joined in an intimate evening of play by performer Christopher Owen (Joe Moran, Scottish Dance Theatre) where Dan takes back the power by being dominated on his own terms.

The Dan Daw Show is a peep into the shiny and sweaty push pull of living with shame while bursting with pride. This is a show about care, intimacy and resilience, about letting go and reclaiming yourself.

“Certainly, Daw’s show – nominated for the 2021 National Dance awards – is unlike anything else you are likely to see” – Sarah Crompton
★★★★, The Guardian

Artist website: Dan Daw Creative Projects

If you would like get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager.


A young white man is suspended in the air, held up by another man’s arms. He is looking straight into the camera. The other man’s arms are visible around the man’s body but his face is not. The first man is topless and he has tattoos on his arms and shoulders. He is wearing black shiny trousers.
The Dan Daw Show, Photo by Hugo Glendinning