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Common Wealth, Speakers Corner and Bradford Modified Club



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Dates: Wed 24 / Thur 25 / Fri 26 / Sat 27 Aug
Time:  5pm & 9pm (60 mins)
Venue: Q Park – Omni (subject to licence)
Genre: Theatre, Exhibition
Sensitive content: Mild swearing, loud music and sounds, moving vehicles, flashing lights, confetti, smoke

Commonwealth and Fuel present Peaceophobia.

Co-created by Common Wealth, Speakers Corner and Bradford Modified Club. Written by Zia Ahmed.

If ‘Islam’ comes from ‘peace’, how can you fear peace?

Peaceophobia is an unapologetic response to rising Islamophobia around the world. Part car-meet part-theatre, the show explores how you find peace in a world that tells you who you are.

Growing up in the shadow of the Bradford Riots, 9/11 and police harassment, cars and faith are a sanctuary, an escape, an expression for three Muslim Pakistani men. Ali, Sohail and Casper are taking control of the narratives around their religion, their city, and their cars.

Staged in a carpark with a Supra, a Golf and a classic Nova, Peaceophobia brings together cars and theatre with cinematic lighting and an original electronic sound score.

Conceived in Bradford and co-directed by young women from Speakers’ Corner Collective and award-winning theatre company Common Wealth, co-written by acclaimed playwright Zia Ahmed and Bradford Modified Club, in co-production with Fuel.

‘Shatters stereotypes’
‘An ambitious, accomplished, immersive production that intersects community, culture and cars’.

★★★★, The Stage

is supported by Without Walls, Bradford 2025, Co-Creating Change, Arts Council England, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Pears Foundation, and Fenton Arts Trust. The R&D for Peaceophobiawas supported by Blueprint: Without Walls R&D Investment Fund.

Artist websites:

Common Wealth


Speakers Corner

This piece of work also includes SISTERHOOD, an exhibition celebrating femininity, pride and collective strength, as told by the empowering women of Speakers Corner.

Sisterhood Website

A man of the Global Majority stands facing to his right. His face is illuminated by red lighting, and he has a long beard. He is wearing a dark woollen hat and camouflage, military style clothing.
Common Wealth, Speakers Corner and Bradford Modified Club, Peaceophobia. Photo by Ian Hodgson

Peaceophobia Trailer - Pride