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Brownton Abbey

Brownton Abbey Talk Show


The latest creation from Brownton Abbey, your Afro-Futurist performance collective centring and celebrating disabled queer people of colour

Usually renowned for their radically inclusive performance parties, Brownton Abbey is an evolving, international performance collective, centring and celebrating disabled, queer people of colour. The collective has adapted and distilled their pioneering project for a digital landscape, and Brownton Abbey Talk Show is the latest creation.

The work showcases performance film commissions from artists Sonny Nwachukwu, Malik Nashad Sharpe, B2B and Lasana Shabazz. These are paired with frank and open conversation between the artists and Tarik Elmoutawakil, the creator of the Brownton Abbey universe. This ‘Talk Show’ element is an exclusive and beautifully gentle insight into the people behind the art. This format was born out of lockdown and Covid-19, to give an extra element to this new digital presentation of Brownton Abbey, at a time when connecting, listening to each other and learning about people has felt more important than ever before.

Join the Afro-Futurist Space-Church for exclusive screenings of 2021 commissions, together with ‘Talk Show’ conversations, woven between works.

Brownton Abbey’s kaleidoscopic events investigate and reclaim traditions of ritual and spirituality from within marginalised, intersectional communities; placing disabled, queer people of colour front and centre.

A forever growing and evolving collective, Brownton Abbey is constantly picking up new passengers in its metaphorical alien-space-church themed vessel. The performance party premiered at Brighton Festival 2018, transformed venues such as Southbank Centre, Brighton Dome (Brighton Festival), Glasgow School of Art (Take Me Somewhere), and started to grow a committed international audience (Toronto’s Cripping the Arts Festival).

Brownton Abbey was supported by an Unlimited Main Commission in 2019 to tour nationally before plans were disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020 Brownton Abbey was adapted for a digital landscape, producing Brownton Abbey Service Transmission (BAST) for the Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival in early 2021 and Brownton Abbey Talk Show (BATS) for Battersea Arts Centre in summer 2021.

Brownton Abbey is a Marlborough Productions Project, created by Tarik Elmoutawakil and creatively produced by Rob Jones.

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If you would like get in touch about this work, please contact Hannah Slimmon, International Development Manager.


Brownton Abbey. Photo by Matthew Arthur Williams
Brownton Abbey. Photo by Matthew Arthur Williams