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Horizon is one of four showcase programmes of work from the four UK nations at the Edinburgh Festivals. Selecting exceptional, stand-out performance created in England which is ready for international distribution, Horizon catalyses opportunities for artists towards international touring and commissioning. Its approach is to create a supportive showcase environment in which artists and presenters can engage equally and equitably.

Horizon artists will perform in person in a variety of traditional and non-traditional venues in Edinburgh with art forms including theatre, dance, live art, and a number of durational experiences.

Artists from last year’s showcase who are currently being commissioned and touring internationally include Dan Daw, Sung Im Her and Sonia Hughes.

Commissioned by Arts Council England, the Horizon consortium partners are Battersea Arts Centre, FABRIC, Fierce, GIFT, MAYK, and Transform. Horizon was formed to create a new model of support for artists from all backgrounds and regions in England, aiming to foreground the work of outstanding, tour-ready artists who have previously been marginalised in terms of international touring opportunities.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an important marketplace for artists to promote their work for international touring. The Horizon showcase uses this context to catalyse long-term relationships between artists and international presenters. The Horizon consortium has a shared commitment to supporting artists to internationalise their practice, placing international exchange at the forefront of their work.

“From stand out celebratory shows to an intimate experience in a swimming pool and an epic encounter in a warehouse, Horizon will shake the Edinburgh festivals with some of England’s most extraordinary artists.In challenging and complex times, the Horizon showcase assembles artists who offer a distinctive and uncompromising take on the world today. Audiences can experience stand out productions whilst international partners will be invited to engage in deep reciprocity and exchange. We are excited to work with these international partners to plan a future life for these works, ensuring they are unleashed to the world post Fringe. Join us at the start of the journey in Edinburgh this August.”

Amy Letman, Creative Director of Transform

“We are delighted to be returning to the Edinburgh festivals for a second in-person Horizon showcase, building on our successes and learnings from last year. The consortium and our Associate partners have selected 10 brilliant companies from an open call process, looking for the work that we believed would appeal most strongly to our international presenting partners. The resulting programme is a thrilling, dynamic and diverse mix of theatre, dance, installation and durational work. We are looking forward to sharing these exceptional performances with audiences in Edinburgh and with colleagues nationally and internationally.”

Tarek Iskander, Artistic Director of Battersea Arts Centre

Horizon showcase runs from 21st – 27th August at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Full programme details coming soon.