Ahead of our first in-person showcase in 2022, we commissioned Dr Ulrike Chouguley (trading as Santra Consulting Ltd) to evaluate Year 2 and Year 3 of the Horizon project. The aim of this evaluation was to assess progress towards our objectives with a view to shaping its ongoing delivery, as well as making the case for future funding and further development.

Dr Ulrike Chouguley’s interim report presents the findings from the evaluation of the Horizon activities delivered in 2022 (Year 2) and is based on an extensive scoping phase and research tasks. These included online surveys of Showcase artists, Bursary Artists and Showcase Delegates, as well as 20 interviews with 30 representatives of Consortium and Delivery Team members, Associate Organisations, Artist Leads, Artists, Strategic Partners and Funders.

Read the evaluation report here:

Horizon 2022 Evaluation Report