I’ve been asked by Horizon to write a blog: A Care Centred Approach.

Probably because I identify as a #Sickbabe (shout out to artist and friend Suriya Aisha for coming up with a term I feel ok about popping on). So I’m always piping up, in and around things of care and access…

Language is complex. Language around disability. Care. Access. Feels particularly complex. It’s all a bit complex really isn’t it…?

Every time I sit down to write this blog I quickly hit a wall. It seems I am finding it hard to have anything concrete to say, I just keep arriving at questions. Only questions. Big ones. A whole massive bloody bunch of em…

And somehow it seems that’s all I’ve managed to get to. So in the interest of transparency (ahhh that old favourite) and because it’s all I’ve got. Here they are. Some questions. Without any answers. If you’ve got some answers, GREAT. Well done. You’re doing better than me…

What is care-centred?

What do we mean when we say care-centred?

How do we DO care-centred?

Is it even possible to centre care in an under resourced sector?

Is it possible to resource care within CAPITALIST structures?

Is a care-centred approach possible in the context of Edinburgh Festivals?

Is the way we have to approach care totally different in the context of Edinburgh Festivals?

How do we do we care radically, while still being radical?

What does care-centred look like, when all our needs are so different?

What does care-centred mean in the context of intersectionality?

How do we centre care intersectionally?

What is the difference between care-centred and disability access?

If we centre care for EVERYONE, what and who gets missed or overlooked?

Is it really POSSIBLE to centre care for everyone anyway?

Do we actually even MEAN care-centred?

Is care-centred actually even our goal here?

Have we got a shared understanding of what care-centred means?

Who are we caring for?

Who is caring for who?

What is the order of care?

Do we actually care?

Do YOU actually care?

What is care-centred?

Pip x

Written by Pippa Frith, Executive Producer at Fierce Festival.

Image: Keijaun Thomas My Last American Dollar @ Fierce 2019. HUG credit Manuel Vason