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Karen Christopher and Tara Fatehi

Always Already


Always Already is an 8-hour performance installation, exploring the weaving together of plant, human, and machine.

Art form: Durational performance installation
Age guidance:
8 hours (durational)
Space requirements:
Minimum 8 metres by 12 metres playing area, audience on up to three sides


Show Description

Drawing on practices of weaving, two people construct a machine of wood, rope, masses of sheep wool, and 100 Forgotten Questions. The room turns into a loom, where small songs and dances encapsulate themes of patience, perseverance, and continuous becoming.

Audiences can come in and out throughout the 8-hour installation, which references the length of a working day. They’re encouraged to watch the 7th hour in full, when the performance takes on a thicker weave This 1-hour performance focuses on transformation: ongoing processes of becoming, the hybridity of life inherent in the world, fluid identity, and acceptance. Singing of human beings becoming other things.


Artist Information

Karen Christopher is a collaborative performance maker, performer, and teacher. Her company, Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects, is devoted to collaborative processes, listening for the unnoticed, the almost invisible, and the very quiet, paying attention as an act of social cooperation. She was a member of Chicago-based Goat Island performance group for 20 years.

Artist website:
Karen Christopher

Tara Fatehi Irani is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and performer working with fabricated histories, fictionalised facts, mistranslated memories, and unattended archives. Tara’s work is primarily concerned with the ephemeral interactions between memories, words, and sites and the transformation of these through performance, language, and installation.

Artist website: Tara Fatehi


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Out from ten layers of dusty beige sheeps wool peek two women in red tops, only their faces and one arm visible. On the right, a Middle Eastern woman with black hair and a fringe looks directly at us with one arm reaching out to the left and her hand loosely grips the wool. Underneath her and to the left is an older woman with grey hair lying on her side, head resting on her arm, eyes closed as if asleep.
Always Already by Karen Christopher and Tara Fatehi. Image by Jemima Yong.

One of six videos directed by Jemima Yong, from the video series Fractured Seeds in Hearts of Machine. Using performance material from Always Already.