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Demi Nandhra

The Trauma Show


“Have you ever trauma dumped? TikTok tells me this show might do that but don’t worry we can just trauma bond”.

Art form: Theatre
Age guidance:
60 minutes
Sensitive content:
Audience participation, contains distressing or potentially triggering themes, performer goes into audience area, scenes of violence
Space requirements:
Black box space with end on configuaration, scenic elements include an 8ft trampoline, 3ft round crash mats, 2ft small plinths and a set of 2 step treads, 4 metre headspace needed for performer to bounce on the trampoline


Show Description

Demi is obsessed with childhood trauma: naming it, analysing it, healing from it, and getting on stage to perform it. That last one might be a trauma response, but you can decide that. Entering her 30’s Demi expected to be more whole, more healed, to not still feel like a child. Because trauma lives in the body and the body keeps the score, and we all know what that means. Disclaimer: Demi doesn’t know what that means.


Artist Information

Demi Nandhra is an award-winning artist based in Birmingham. She produces work that sits within the realms of contemporary theatre, live art, socially engaged projects, and screenwriting. They centre honesty and vulnerability within their work and aim to create safe and accessible environments.
In 2019, Demi made her Edinburgh Fringe Festival debut with Life is No Laughing Matter. The show received critical acclaim and was nominated for ‘The Total Theatre Award for Emerging Artist’ and ‘The Mental Health Fringe Award’ The show won a Lustrum Award from Summerhall.

Artist website: Demi Nandhra


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Back of a South Asian woman’s head against a candyfloss pink background. Black hair is covered in hair slides, butterfly clips. One silver hair clip reads the word ‘TRAUMA’. White plastic beads stuck to the back of the woman's neck also spell out the word 'TRAUMA'.
The Trauma Show by Demi Nandhra. Image by Tom Kennedy.